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making sports performance entertaining for everyone

Receiving race results has never been more fun

Have you ever wondered what a funny communication of the racing results looks like?


We provide racing results service that is not boring, but funny and useful for the racers at the same time. 

By using truly customized messages we are able to create value not only for the racers but also for the partners of the race.

Key features:

Race Results

Immediately after the racer crosses the finish line, our smart chatbot delivers a message with the results to anyone - not only the racer but also to racer's friends or family.

While sending this message, our chatbot also looks at all the previous results from that race and adapt the message accordingly.

That is just one of the ingredient of how we are making the communication truly personalized.

Tracking feature

Stay updated all the time! While a friend, son, daughter or parents pass by a split or cross the finish line, the user will be notified about their performance - everything without a need to download another app.


What an effective way to inform your friends and family!

We measure any sports event!

We partnered with SportSoft Timing, a leading Czech time-keeping company providing professional services for any kind of sports events. 

Getting correct results in the right time is crucial for the racer's experience. Only with a reliable partner, we are able to deliver a digital world-class racing experience. 

Based on the information provided, we are able to deliver personalized and entertaining content to anyone through racechatbot.


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How we transform the time-keeping service?
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