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Sharing sports emotions at the right time has never been easier

deliver memories at the right time

When is the right time to share a memory? At the exact moment when the experience happened. 

We provide racers with instant access to their pictures that are taken on the racing track and deliver these pictures to the racers when they cross the finish line. 

It is all about speed so that racers can expose their experience and performance to the world immediately. 

Key features:

instant picture delivery

Pictures taken on the track are immediately sent to our server, framed and published to a website where a racer can immediately access them. 

After crossing the finish line, racers will be notified about the pictures. 


All of the pictures can be framed with a unique racing graphic - effective way to promote partners of the race!





How does it work?

The photographers catch racer's sports performance on the track. 


The pictures are then AI-processed - uploaded to our servers, sorted with our AI technology according to the start number, framed and prepared for the delivery. 


The pictures are then shared via email or racechatbot.

In the end, racers receive their pictures exactly at the moment they want to share them with their friends.

Combining all of the steps into a few minutes, we are able to create a unique digital environment which allows racers to inform their friends about the race.

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