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your race to the digital world

about us

we maximaze value both for organisers and racers

The experience stands always in the middle of everything we do. We transform the way sports events engage with the racers. We do this through highly personalized communication. 

Create a new race experience to your racers and fans. Use the full potential of your event. 

Are you ready to explore the way we change the sports industry?


We create an experience defining races in the digital world

Delivering exceptional offline experience is not enough today. racebase is a comprehensive digital solution that provides offline racing events with truly personalized engagement.

We catch racers' and fans' attention through personalized communication by providing them with a unique digital experience.

Are you ready to engage with your audience on a new level?

Your pictures delivered at the right time.

Race performance finally entertaining.

All information in your pocket. 

How does it work?

Digital experience



Racer's experience

Marketing reach

Complex solution changing the way racing events operates and maximize their value both for partners and racers. 

Partners engagement

Provide the right answer at anytime

Ask and get the answer immediately 24/7.  The chatbot will become the best ambassador of your event bringing the most entertaining, personalized and appropriate information.

Key features:
personal racing picture delivery
news broadcasting
Race information
Racer profile
racing advice
Receiving race results has never been more fun

Providing smart time-keeping services with insights about sports performance delivered not only on the web but also to a messaging app? Simply brilliant.

Key features:
race results
Real-time tracking
Sharing of the results
Connection with partner
share memories at the right time

Getting pictures from the race immediately after crossing the finish line? Boost the power of the moment.

Key features:
instant picture delivery
Framing of the picture
Easy accessibility


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